Seattle Concrete Contractors and Teamsters in Contract Dispute

The dispute between the contractors and the Teamsters Local 174 has slowed down construction in Seattle. Workers have been laid off and many contractors have cut their crews. The company has offered to mediate the dispute, but the two sides have not yet reached an agreement. A federal mediator is scheduled to meet Thursday and he is hopeful that the sides will come to an agreement. It may take a little time, but the long-term effects of this labor dispute are likely to be negative for the industry and for the economy.

Seattle concrete

The striking Teamsters are continuing to halt concrete deliveries to area projects. The union’s picket line has already halted over 500 truck deliveries to major Sound Transit Authority jobsites. The strike has also spread to the port of Everett, Washington. The union, Teamsters Local 174, represents 330 workers and is demanding an increase in wages and healthcare benefits for recently retired members. If the strike continues, it could be devastating to the construction industry.

While the construction industry has faced other contract disputes in the past, the current one is unique in terms of its structure. Teamsters union leaders say the concrete companies are not willing to negotiate with them unless the union offers a substantial wage increase. The company’s offer includes several benefits that aren’t part of the Teamsters’ contract, including a guaranteed eight-hour workday and paid vacation. The union is urging the employers to consider mediation, which would be beneficial for all parties.

The concrete companies in Seattle have offered to settle the dispute without a strike. They haven’t said what their offer is, but they have told union members that their offer includes several benefits not included in the Teamsters’ contract. These include paid vacation and guaranteed eight-hour pay. In addition, union member Bill Gallagher says the dispute is even more important because of the rising cost of housing in Seattle. The city’s sky-high rents will hit the young workforce in a big way.

The contract dispute between the concrete companies and Teamsters has caused layoffs and halted construction in Seattle. Hundreds of workers have been fired, and many have gone on strike since the November 19th start of the dispute. While the Seattle concrete sector has had other contract disputes, the two sides in this one have a unique structure of negotiations. Although the union does not represent the construction industry, it has lobbieding efforts for mediation.

The Teamsters have offered to negotiate a deal with the Teamsters in Seattle. The unions aren’t representing the concrete companies, but they have sent letters to public officials urging them to reach an agreement with the Teamsters. The unions aren’t representing any of the other businesses, but they have lobbied for a federal mediator. The strikers have also pushed for a contract that covers all six employers.