Keep Your Homes Free From Pests

Although it is important to find the best pest control professionals in your area, it is equally important to stay in control of your own home’s sanitation. If you are an irresponsible homeowner with no regard for sanitation and hygiene, chances are you’ll be needing Gold Coast pest control services regularly. Not everyone can afford such luxury, so here are some basic tips straight from the experts on how to pest-proof your homes.

Food Sanitation

Humans love food and so do pests. Areas like food storage, kitchens and dining areas are often wrought with cockroaches and mice-coveting crumbs, spoiling food and other things. It is important to keep places with food as sanitary as possible, to curb the pests’ food supply. Keeping your food sealed will also reduce the risk of disease from consuming pest-ridden food.

Aside from food storage, the entire kitchen and dining area must also be kept clean. Food scraps, trash and crumbs are irresistible to pests so make sure to throw out the trash regularly. Trash bins are also prime targets for pests, so make sure to purchase bins that can be sealed tightly.

Block All Possible Entrances

Even a home that starts out clean and pest-free can become a breeding ground for mice, cockroaches, bugs and mosquitoes if it is accessible. Pests don’t magically appear inside your house – it’s always because they’ve found a way inside. Check for possible entry ways like cracks, pipes and holes. Ants, for example, will always lead you to their entry way if you follow their tracks. Seal holes and cracks as soon as possible.

Some pests can enter your home through the most obvious manner – the front door. Avoid keeping the doors open for long periods of time. Put a screen on your windows if the design allows for one. In case you have glass sliding windows, don’t open them all the way. Some entry points are difficult for untrained professionals to see and block, and you may need the help of Gold Coast pest control experts to seal them all.

Regular Home Maintenance

Make it a habit to thoroughly clean your home every once in a while. Pests love clutter, so keep everything organized. This is especially true for areas that are not used much, like the attic, basement and closets. Even if you don’t use a room that much doesn’t mean you should neglect it.

No home stays in top shape forever, and soon, signs of deterioration might become obvious. Things like loose mortar, decaying wood exteriors and broken gutters should be repaired pronto. Pests love decaying wood and can take advantage of weaknesses in your home’s exterior to create entry points.

Pest-proofing a home is a responsibility shared by the homeowner and pest control professionals. On one hand, Gold Coast pest control experts eliminate pests and prevent home infestation; on the other hand, homeowners should keep their homes neat and sanitary to make it inhabitable for pests. As long as both parties perform their tasks dutifully, pest problems will be kept to a minimum.